In 2017 I approached my friends at Sickside Tattoo Studio in Horn Lake, MS, just 20 minutes away from downtown Memphis, with an idea that I had in my mind for quiet some time. Since Shop Manager Drew Darby owner Jack Flores both knew about my past, and how I felt about getting the ink removed that was connected to my own past, they both immediately agreed to join my campaign. Soon, other tattoo parlors all across the country joined the campaign and now offer to cover up racist and gang related tattoos for free.
Text (662) 671-2470 if you need help – we are nationwide, or if you are a tattoo studio owner who wants to join our campaign.

Watch the beginning of Romey’s journey to get his painful tattoos covered up to help him with a fresh start without hatred and violence.

*Erasing The Hate is a campaign started by TM Garret, CHANGE and Sickside Tattoo Studio in 2017.